Bunty Aur Bubbly 2 Bollywood Hindi Movie Review Read here Complete by Star Performance, Story analysis, Music and Songs and more about  Rani Mukherjee & Saif Ali Khan's Movie Bunty Aur Bubbly 2.

Review of Bunty Aur Babli 2:

 Actor - Rani Mukherjee, the only survivor of the original cast, along with Saif Ali Khan, Sadhant Chatterjee and Sharwari - gave her her best shot but failed to save the film.

Dismiss immediately: Bunty and Bubbly's release is nowhere to be seen in its sequel. Bunty and Bubbly is a hard-working, overly annoying attempt to build on the concept of the 2005 film: Two young men are too passionate for a small town to be turned into a bandit rebel who seeks to separate the greedy. Use your natural tricks. With their wealth.

Bunty Aur Bubbly 2 Movie Story & Script Analysis:

Rakesh's Bunty (not Abhishek Bachchan) and Wami's Babli (still Rani Mukherjee) are 16 years old who have never returned to a happy family life. One day, YRF came up with the idea of ​​recreating its classic and now we have Bunty, Bubbly 2.0 Kanal (Siddhant Chatterjee), Sonia (Shruri Wagh) to trap and rob people. It must have been a sad childhood for him as out of thousands of inspiring personalities around the world, he chooses to follow co-artists Bunty and Bubbly.

Jatayo (straight out of Ludo Pankaj Tripathi) replaces Bachchan's Dashrath with an inspector and does what anyone in his position does, kidnaps Bunty and Babli and binds them to chairs on the railway tracks When (half) the OG couple finds out about some newborns that are tarnishing their 'brand image', they decide to help the police catch them red-handed. What happens next? You will not want to know.

Bunty and Bubbly 2, directed by first-timer Varun V. Sharma (who is also a screenwriter), is a poignant plot that pitted the original Who Artists against a pair of non-prel, a bold start-up who uses people's methods, names. And deceive using signs. Bullies who were never caught and whose deeds are now part of folklore.

The breach of 'brand' is found in the goat of Rakesh Trivedi (Khan) and his wife Wami (Mukherjee), who live in a small town house. The latter is happy with its fake designer clothes. The former is selling tickets at the railway station to fulfill his father's wish.

The parents of a teenage boy, the Trivandrum couple, are pulled back into this life a decade and a half ago by Deputy Superintendent of Police Jatayo Singh (Pankaj Tripathi). Following a headline-grabbing scandal involving two self-proclaimed fraudsters, Bunty and Bali, the police official believes that two former scammers have returned to business. He arrests the middle-aged Bunty and Babli and locks them up in the police station.

New Bunty and Babli attacked again, and Jatayu guessed he was on the wrong trail. He frees Rakesh and Wami but binds them with ropes to set a trap for the real culprits and catch them with red hands. His plans go awry as clever young Hustlers are always one step ahead of him. Ultimately, Rakesh and Vemi vow to get to the bottom of things and punish those who present them.

The operation moves from Delhi, Farsatganj and Varanasi to Goa and Abu Dhabi after Kanal (Chaturvedi) and Sonia (Wagh) escaped from the house of a corrupt politician with large sums of money recovered by the income tax authorities. But they have no idea how to convert incalculable wealth into money that they can spend without fear of theft. This violation is perpetrated by the film couple who once acted as Bunty and Bubbly and, as it turns out, their enthusiasm did not diminish.

The first half of Bunty and Bubbly 2 is passable. The second is barely up to scratch. The writing is pedagogical and the actors, especially the queen, do too much for the sake of happiness. There is no percentage in Tom Fowler that gets out of control in a movie that is trying so hard to be funny.

The character written for Pankaj Tripathi, an actor whose comedic abilities have never been questioned, is particularly sketchy, especially if one opposes him, whose screenwriter Jadeep Sahni praised Shad Ali. Bani Bachchan in directing and Amitabh Bachchan in Babli. 

Rakesh Trivedi and Wami Saluja, two young dreamers, met at a railway station and fled after completing a series of daring tasks, including the sale of the Taj Mahal. Kanal's ambitions are exactly the same as those raised by Rakesh two decades ago. However, his daring deeds are part of his girlfriend's plans to launch a food app and say goodbye to cheating.

An introductory voiceover from Tripathi - featuring Big B's 'This is the world, there are two-star people in it', shades of Salo starting at Bunty and Bubbly. It was built around the dreams of young people trapped in the swamps of Uttar Pradesh that they saw on television, heard on the radio or read in the newspapers. Today, their ambitions are sparked by exposure to social media.

Bunty Aur Bubbly 2 Movie Ending & Final Words:

As Bunty and Bubbly 2 end, the senior pair slips into top gear and the younger pair begin to teach people a thing or two about the art of knitting. But it is a matter of very little time. Looking at the note on which the film ends, it seems too much on another sequel card. But if it is going to be fired so badly, it would be better for Bunty and Bubbly to retreat back into their shells. We will be happier to live with the memories of 2005.

Bunty and Bubbly 2 Movie Review: Direction, Music

Varun V Sharma loses the plot within the first 30 minutes of the film. Even the first half hour manages to stay afloat because of the remnants of Part 1. You hope the story gets faster, but the longer it lasts, the more slippery the slope becomes.

Preserving Shankar-Ehsan-Loay from the original was probably the best decision of the builders but they also could not save the sinking ship.

Bad script starts a domino effect which breaks everything else in the movie. Not a single song is good except for Joe (to some extent). Only if you remember what the original classic songs were like.

Bunty and Bubbly 2 Movie Review: Script Analysis

Director Varun V Sharma has also written the story and it is a classic case "Sometimes I will start a sentence (read: movie), and I don't even know where it is going. I just hope that I He'll be found along the way "(Spoiler alert: he doesn't).

Complete marks for the idea of ​​bringing another pair to fight the new but this is the implementation of the idea which is sloppy. It snatches away everything his predecessor stood for, from proper character building to extra play.

Even if Part 1 was not a parameter, it would still end up as a flawed comedy with the power to turn the film around with the best actors. Some threads feel straightforward, like original rejected ideas.

In Part 1, the cinematography of Ayuk Makopadhyay shines through the ground locations. In this, the whole chain of Dubai is taken away from the novelty.

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